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Friday March 8th



Cafecito/Dulce Mingle & Mentor-Mentee Meet-&-Greet



Panel I: Cultivating BIPOC Art Spaces Through the Digital Humanities

Crear Studio: Sarah Rafael Garcia, Anaid Hernandez, Alexa Vasquez, Manuel G. Galaviz

Moderator: Gabe Garcia (Too Rad Comics)


Workshop I: Hands-On Comics: A Creative Exercise

Facilitator: Mary Elizabeth Cantu (Art Educator)



Panel II: Justice & Joy in BIPOC Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Gabriela Damián Miravete (The Will Dream in the Garden), Professor Latinx (Labyrinths Borne), Scott Russell Duncan (“Bad Sun”), Dani Orozco (new critical/creative work)

Moderator: Christopher González (Big Scary Brown Guy; SMU)


Workshop II: Creating Multimodal Classrooms

Facilitators: Joey Lopez (Texas A&M) and Anthony R. Ramirez (UofHouston, Downtown)





Screenings I: Screenings of Animation Shorts

BIPOC POP Emerging Artist Award

Presented by Professor Latinx & Dr. Intergalactic



Panel III: Performing Pop Cultura: Theories and Practice

Roxanne Schroder-Arce (UT Austin), Daniella Martinez (Amazon Daniella), Adrian Villegas (Latino Comedy Project), Ben Lopez (Founder/CEO, L21)

Moderator: Bill Nericcio (SDSU)


Workshop III: Inspiring BIPOC Creativity Through Journaling, Doodling, and Stress Reduction.

Facilitators:  Elvira Carrizal-Dukes, Ronnie Dukes



Panel IV: Teaching Latinx Comics: Activities, Challenges, and Beneficios

Fernanda Diaz-Basteris (OSU), E.C.-Dukes (DUKEScomics), Theresa Rojas (LCAF; Modesto Junior College), Katlin Marisol Sweeney-Romero (UC Davis)

Moderator: Christine Hines (TXST)


Workshop IV: “How to Draw Anything”

Facilitator: Kofi Bazzell-Smith



Panel IV: Otherwise Worlds and Ways on the Page: From Works in Progress

Domino Perez (“The Dreaming”), Daniel Justice (“Glimmer”), Ewan Cox (“A Third Son’s Unlucky Rise to Prominence”)

Moderator: Katlin Marisol Sweeney-Romero (UC Davis)


Workshop V:  Pathways into Animation / Writing for Animation

Facilitator: Angela M. Sanchez



Panel VI: New Gen UT BIPOC POP Scholars REPRESENT!

Anjana Bhat (UT Austin), Marianna Rooks (UT Austin), Ana Paula Cardenas (UT Austin), and Izzy De La Cruz (UT Austin), Bibi Macias (UT Austin), Cassandra Yatron (UT Arlington)

Moderator: Professor Latinx (UT Austin)


Workshop VI: Making Comics of our Past: Reinterpreting Historical Media

Facilitators: Rosaura Rodríguez & Omar Banuchi (Días Comic)



First Light Books Book Launch Event: Aldama & Garza for their book launch, Through Fences

First Light Books 4300 Speedway

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